Day 365

Meagan and Randy Morgan

Meagan and Randy with Grapes

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has officially been a year. One year, 365 days, since Meagan and I began our journey here at Naked Mountain. To think that a year ago, today, our lives would change in a way so drastic, neither one of us could have predicted it – and yet – we’re still here. We’ve seen a harvest, a season of wine making, countless nights punching down the cap, three months of lasagna lunches on the weekends thanks to Eric Stamer Catering, six Winemaker’s Dinners, a new winemaker (everyone say hi to Seth when you see him – which won’t be much in the next two months or so – he’ll need all the smiles he can get), and a new Red Shouldered Hawk – all in one year. Not bad for two wine industry outsiders, if I do say so myself.

And what is a place with lots of tradition if there aren’t any people from that tradition with us, still. Don and Judi have stuck with us through the ups and downs, always vigilant of our heritage, but also heading with us into the future. We’ve also watched our Naked Mountain family grow (We can’t forget about Sandy – that friendly voice on the phone and email) and bond (who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo?), becoming our family away from family – friends and colleagues – all looking to make this place the best it can be (and having a good time along the way). Our wine club has grown, as well, bringing new members into the Drink Naked fold, all of us looking forward to the next Pick-Up Party in November! What a year it has been.

But what’s last year when you have the next year to look forward to. With the new website up and running – look to see a new store open where our merchandise will be on display. Having been approved by the TTB – when you visit the winery check out our new labels – a few more variations to come as well. The deck will be expanding and so will our tasting sheet, bringing some new variations on the classics to the mountain. More after hours events are coming as well – a chance to really get to know the winery and our Naked Mountain family – and maybe even broaden your wine knowledge.

Winston and Coleman will still be here, too. If you can’t find Coleman, look under my desk, and Winston – well nobody knows where he’ll be – there is lots of exploring to be done.

I could go on for pages and pages about how the past year has been the most amazing experience, or the things we learned, not only about wine but about ourselves and each other, but I won’t. I’ll simply say this. “Drink Naked” means many things to many people – but to us here on the mountain – it’s a special way of life – a secret we’re happy to share with those who are willing to listen.

We can’t wait to see you out on The Mountain!

Randy and Meagan Morgan

Winston and Coleman

Winston and Coleman in Front

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  1. Mike and Katie Jolicoeur

    We are so proud of you all!!! Looks like the leap was worth it!! Can’t wait to visit!!!

  2. Bruce & Tina Anderson

    Hi Randy, Meagan!

    I was thinking of you and just visited your website. It looks great and I love the personalized touch! I’m going to talk with you about hosting a party at your facility or perhaps having you do a “tasting” in my own home for a gathering of folks.

    I’m also going to vow to get my butt out to see you–if only for a glass or three of wine and some chit-chat!! Take care my friends and I’ll be in touch soon!!


  3. maria pflegl

    We just visited your facility for a tasting and were impressed with your expert service, your beautiful grounds and your wines…and pleasantly surprised as well (make me blush!)
    We will hope to be back next year….as we travel to VA to see family.UNTIL THEN, OUR “DRINK NAKED” APRON WILL CREATE QUITE A STIR…..!

  4. rick nelson

    congratulations on your anniversary coming up have tried several bottles from your place in fact a couople given to me by your grandfather.hope to make a visit to the winery this year
    keep stompimg.

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